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What are we learning this half term?

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, built around the 2014 National Curriculum, which meets the needs of all our children. Where appropriate, links between subjects are made to form "themes" to support engagement, relevance and meaning to the curriculum. We call this thematic approach our "Learning Quest".

Please find below a list of all the class Learning Quests for this half-term (Spring 1). More details about each quest can be found by visiting our Classes tab.

Class Learning Quest
Little Acorns (Nursery) Adventures at Sea!
Mississippi Class (Rec) Not All Superheroes Wear Capes
Thames Class (Rec) Not All Superheroes Wear Capes
Amazon Class (Y1) All Board!
Olympic Class (Y1) Let's Go Travelling!
Everest Class (Y2) Heroic Hands
Fuji Class (Y2) Fighting for Survival
Mara Class (Y3) Rolling on a River
Snowdonia Class (Y3) River Deep, Mountain High
Yellowstone Class (Y3) River Dance
Angel Class (Y4) Mad Mappers
Victoria Class (Y4) Earth Mappers
Kalahari Class (Y5) Perilous Peaks
Sahara Class (Y5) Mountain Explorers
Pacaya Class (Y6) The World at War
Vesuvius Class (Y6) We'll Meet Again