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Suspension/Exclusion Arrangements

At Bowes, we are keen to avoid suspensions or exclusions wherever possible. However, a pupil will be suspended or excluded from lessons or school when they have breached the school's behaviour for learning policy seriously or persistently. This is a serious sanction and will be considered in light of the conduct in question and by taking into account the school's policy. 

When deciding whether to suspend or exclude a pupil, the headteacher considers the school's responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. The headteacher will also only suspend or exclude after a full investigation has taken place in order to ascertain what has happened and why. 

When excluding a pupil, the headteacher will notify parents/carers and the reasons for it. 

In the case of a suspension, the headteacher will inform the parents/carers of the duration of the suspension and of their right to make representations to the Local Board of Governors. 

During the suspension, the pupil is expected to be at home and work will be provided. Parents/carers are required to attend a reintegration meeting following the suspension prior to the pupil's return to lessons.