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Enfield Learning Trust

New Southgate Quests

Please find below a list of all the class Learning Quests for this half term (Spring 1).

More information about each Quest can be downloaded below. 

Willow Nursery Splash!
Laurel Class 999 Emergency!
Magnolia Class Magnolia Class to the rescue!
Ash Class Knights of Ash Castle
Beech Class Bowes School of Knights
Rowan Class Rowan in the Ocean!
Spruce Class Commotion in the Ocean!
Oak Class Epic Eruptions!
Maple Class Mountain Fountains!
Holly Class Savage Stories!
Hazel Class Let's Battle!
Elm Class  The Sky is the Limit!
Chestnut Class Chestnut takes over the Universe!
Cherry Class Never Surrender
Cedar Class  Blitz and Pieces
Mulberry Class Breaking Enigma
Apple Class Castles