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Trees for Cities

This year, we have been working with a charity called 'Trees for Cities' who work to improve lives by planting trees in cities. 

The funded project that we are undertaking is looking at the effectiveness of Green Infrastructure using strategically designed planting to screen airborne pollution. As part of the project, the Trees for Cities team have delivered a series of workshops with a group of Year 5 and 6 children and our Rights Respecting Ambassadors have been collecting data and tracking pollution using a special monitor that measures particles of pollution in the air. Using the data collected, areas within both of our playgrounds have been identified that would benefit from the addition of plants and trees to help filter pollution particles. We also hope that the new plants will offer shelter for wildlife and insects. Over the last few weeks, planters and seating areas have been installed in both playgrounds and last week the exciting task of planting began. There is still more planting to be done, but we hope that the project helps us to create a greener, healthier playground for outdoor learning and play. Our School Council are particularly pleased as they have been asking for more trees and plants for a number of years.